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Benefits of Comparing Student Loans

Versatility and flexibility are two key benefits of these education loans. Unexpected expenses, like books, computers, and travel can come up during the semester. Colleges can increase tuition in the middle of the school year. These affordable loans give you the versatility to pay for all your education-related expenses and the flexibility to apply when you need the funding most.

The Student Loan Network provides you with tools to compare student loans and research student loan lenders all in our place

Private loans are not restricted based on financial need, so any creditworthy student is eligible and you can borrow what you need up to the total cost of your education. Learn more and compare private student loans to other forms of financial aid.

We strongly recommend applying with a cosigner. Doing so can increase your chances of approval, and potentially lower your interest rate. Learn more about adding a cosigner to your private loan application.

School and Organizations, feel free to link to our private student loan lender list which includes some of the top brands in the business.

Learn more about private student loan eligibility, student loan interest rates, and the benefits of private loans, or simply get started right now by comparing private student loans.

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Private Student Loan

Cost Index

What is the Cost Index?

Student Loan Description

Fill the gap between federal aid and the true cost of an education. Our private loan can be used to cover additional educational expenses including tuition, books, room and board, and supplies. Other benefits:

* Funds sent directly to the applicant, approval decision within minutes

Borrowers can also release their co-signer after 48 on-time payments. Apply online today and let our dedicated team of loan counselors guide you through the entire process, step by step.

Student Loan Overview

As Low AsUp To
Cost Index97179
Amount Received$10,000
Change Amount
Interest Rate3.02%
1-Month LIBOR +
1-Month LIBOR +

Payment Details

As Low AsUp To
In-School / Grace Interest Payments
Monthly Payment$106$195
# of Payments118117
Final Payment$38$178
Total Paid$12,579$23,037

Borrower Benefits

Cash Back at Graduation ($)
Upon graduating, you receive a reduction of $300 of your principal
Interest Rate Reduction of 0.25%

Additional Information

Minimum Payment$0
As Low AsUp To
Repayment Fee0%6.5%
Application Fee
Origination Fee
Federal Default Fee
In-school Period45 months
Grace Period6 months
Pay Interest During In-School and Grace PeriodsNo
Interest Capitalizes before repaymentAt repayment
24/7 Application ProcessingYes
Benefits Lost if Loan SoldNo
Co-signer RequiredSometimes
Online ApplicationYes
Benefit Recovery ClauseNo